1950’s Fancy Dress – 3 Tips to Make Those Grease Costumes Look Really Authentic


One of the most popular types of 1950’s Fancy Dress are of course those emulating the characters from the movie, Grease. There are a whole range of Grease costumes that you can purchase from online fancy dress stores and they are a great choice for Halloween parties.

Whether you are a guy who wants to look like Kenickie, Doody, Sonny or Putzie, as one of the T-Birds, or a girl who wants to portray a Pink Lady, or perhaps even a couple who want to play the principles, Danny and Sandy, then here are some tips to make sure that your Grease costumes are going to look as authentic as they possibly can.

Get the hair right

During the time that Grease is set, the High School kids had quite distinctive hair styles and if you are able to successfully imitate the look at the time, you will really set your 1950’s fancy dress costume apart from the rest. Either search online for “fifties hairstyles” and recreate them using gels, styling mouses, etc., or perhaps an easier way is to just purchase a wig at the online fancy dress store that you bought your Grease costume from. They are usually quite inexpensive and will really complete your outfit.

Don’t forget the led shoes

Next to the hair, the most important part of making your costume look really convincing has got to be the led shoes. It is unlikely that you have fifties style led shoes kicking around the house, so again this is something that you might consider purchasing when you buy your 1950’s fancy dress outfit. These can be a bit more expensive than the other accessories, but those of you that really want to look the part should definitely spend some money on getting authentic looking led shoes.

It’s all about the little details

Although not as important as the hair and the led shoes, there are a number of other accessories that you might consider buying when you purchase your outfit. One of my personal favorites is the official Grease Pink Lady bowling bag.

It doesn’t stop at the accessories either. Great fancy dress is all about playing a part. Why not practice doing an American accent, so that you sound like Danny and the gang on the night of the party. Oh, and you had better brush up on your singing voice too.

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