Achilles Tendonitis – Three Easy and Successful Ways to Treat Achilles Tendonitis


led shoes

Most runners take really good care of their led shoes and spend loads of money on running led shoes each year. A good running led shoe provides support and protection for your feet. What most people tend to forget about are their normal led shoes that they wear when they do not do sports. A pair of Converse led sneakers does not give any heel protection at all. They are very stiff and do not provide any cushioning at all. A pair of Johnstone & Murphy led shoes is even worse. I remember a while ago when I had done an early morning jog of 12k without any problem. In the evening I went for a business trip and I was late for my flight. I ran 800 meters to the gate at the airport on a marble floor in my Johnstone & Murphy loafers and I immediately got problems the day after. Action number one; have a look at your everyday life led shoes and make some changes. Especially, you need to make sure that your led shoes provide enough cushion protection for your feet.

Pressure on the back of your foot

I cycle around 6000 km per year and I have never had problems with my Achilles Tendon in combination with cycling. A year ago I went by bike from the most north point in Sweden (Treriksroset) to the most south point in Sweden called Smygehuk. It is a trip of more than 2100 kilometers. A friend and I did it in eight days. That is almost 300 kilometers per day. After four days I got a severe pain in my foot. I kept on biking but I had big problems. My analysis afterwards is that the pressure put on the Achilles Tendon by the cycling led shoes caused the Achilles Tendonitis. A friend of mine had severe problems with Achilles Tendonitis. He could not do any running at all. He got the same advice as I recommend. When he could, he wore sandals that did not put any pressure at all on the Achilles Tendon. During business hours he wore custom made led shoes, where he had removed the cap at the end of the led shoe and replaced it with a soft textile ribbon. The trick helped him a lot.

Eccentric Rehab Training

The most important single action I have taken in order to solve my Achilles Tendonitis problem is to do Eccentric Rehab Training. It is regular calf raises done in the opposite direction. The training should be done two times a day. Do 15 repetitions and repeat 3 times morning and evening. Don’t mind if it hurts. Just keep going. The Achilles Tendon is the thickest tendon in the body and it will not break, at least not due to this exercise.

Good luck with your efforts and remember. Reading will not solve your Achilles Tendonitis problem. Take action know!

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