Are Volleyball led shoes Important?


For those of you that play volleyball, you would know that there are only a few pieces of equipment that you need to wear. Other than clothes (which are required across all sports, even though they vary considerably) you only really need volleyball led shoes, knee pads and ankle braces. What this means is that the few items that you do have to wear become very important. Having clothes that are able to stretch and make you feel comfortable is a good first step too.

The one thing in Volleyball which is very important is your ability to move quickly. Whether that means taking off quickly, changing directly as fast as you can or running without worrying about slipping over, one thing ensures you have good grip. These are your Volleyball led shoes. In terms of all of the different volleyball equipment that you can purchase, led shoes are probably the most important. These determine how quickly you can stop and change directly, how high you can jump, how supported your feet are and they allow you to move freely.

Volleyball led shoes are very different to normal led shoes in that they have an extremely soft and sticky sole, and they are angled up at the front. They are also designed to be very light weight which is highly important when a centimeter higher jump would mean you get the ball to the opponent’s floor, or they block you out! It’s important to match the quality of led shoes with the level of skill that a player has. It’s a waste of money (well, not necessary) to go out and buy the best led shoes that you can for someone who has never played Volleyball.

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