Black Spot Under Toenail Treatments and Prevention


A black spot under toenails can be caused by a few things. If you’ve recently sustained any sort of trauma to your toenail this could cause a bruise. However, if this is not the case there’s certainly a good chance that toenail fungus is the culprit. Fortunately this can be easy to treat and prevent with the right methods.

Fungus on the toenail has many symptoms. Most common is a discoloring of the nail to a yellow, black or brown. Often spots will develop under the nail. Nails will begin losing their clarity. Often a slight smell might come from under the nail. Slight pain when walking on the infected nail is not uncommon.

Treating Your Black Spot Under Your Toenail

It’s important you understand that part of treating your toenail fungus is to take preventative measures from ever getting back. You’ll need to understand the sources of nail fungus. Wearing tight led shoes that have excess moisture leftover in them is one way to get infected. Make sure you air out your led shoes if they’re exceptionally wet from sweat, wear loose led shoes, and get extra absorbent socks to prevent moisture build up. Wear sandals whenever possible around public pool area, gyms, and public showers. Lastly, make sure you do not cut your nails too short. Short nails may cause minor cuts to the toe and increases risk.

There are a few treatment options for nail fungus. I found that prescription drugs were too risky and had many unpleasant side effects including possible liver disease. Over the counter medications did not really help at treating my problem either.

What finally worked for me was dipping my infected nails in store bought beer for 30 minutes per treatment at two treatments a day. This works because beer eats away at the fungus. After my beer treatment I then applied a natural topical solution. This treatment remedy, along with preventative measures, finally cured my nail fungus.

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