Bowling Outfit: Tips for Selecting Appropriate Attire When Bowling


Most people bowl primarily to have fun while spending time with family and friends. There are a wide variety of events that are held at bowling alleys, including birthday parties, reunions and corporate functions. These outings often serve a dual function of enjoyment as well as bonding and/or team building.

At one of these events, appropriate bowling attire for someone will most likely depend on the event’s type. The formality of the function, the friends he or she will be with as well as the particular bowling alley are all important factors to remember. Sometimes, if the venue happens to be a classy one, players might be required to adhere to a particular dress code, as they would at a nightclub or other destination.

In a friendly game of bowling alongside family or friends, a player may want to wear a simple outfit such as pants and a T-shirt. Here, it’s most important to simply be comfortable. The type of led shoe can also be important. Rubber soled led shoes are allowed in some alleys and if these are available they would be optimal. Some bowling alleys have particular types of flooring which would give an advantage to a person wearing these.

In tournaments there are stricter rules that you must follow. It is important that bowlers wear attire according to the rules set by the bowling organization. Most tournaments require their players to wear a particular type of shirt with collars, slacks, and leather bowling led shoes.

There are times that a bowling organizer will provide clothes that feature their logos and trademarks displayed prominently on them. In the case of larger tournaments where bowlers have personal sponsors, they will likely provide both the bowling outfit as well as other bowling equipment.

Bowling alleys and organizations can often be strict with their clothing requirements. In a competitive tournament environment, the mood will usually be much more serious than a casual game among family or friends.

There is also other equipment to consider in addition to shirt, pants and led shoes. Even a casual bowler may want to invest in his or her own ball and a bowling bag to carry it. Important factors to keep in mind when selecting a ball include the fit of the fingers in the holes of the ball. The bowler needs to be able to execute bowling moves comfortably without restriction.

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