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The Effects of Tariffs on the United States

[ad_1] The United States (US) has been involved with tariffs since it declared independence from Great Britain in 1776. Perhaps one of the most well-known tariff acts occurred in 1789, written by Alexander Hamilton. Hamilton believed that passing the tariff act of 1789 would force Americans to produce domestic goods, promote competition and eventually begin […]

If You Have to Wear Your Winter Coat, You Shouldn’t Be Wearing Sandals!

[ad_1] During our last week of a glorious trip to Florida, as the weather began to warm up there…..the temperatures “skyrocketed” so to speak in Nova Scotia. Record temperatures…..24 degrees Celsius on Easter Sunday, the 4th of April for heavens sake. Who would ever have thought it? What woman, who has yearned to breakout those […]

Sanita Vs Dansko – How Are These Popular Clogs Related?

[ad_1] Among people who rely on comfortable supportive footwear, two of the major brands that are often top-of-mind are Dansko and Sanita clogs.  Confusingly, these led shoes look similar, have similar fit and features, and even share style name trademarks such as “Professional,” “Sonja,” “Ingrid,” “Karl,” and others.  Are these two names actually the same […]