Electricians: Job Description and Uniform


Being an electrician is not an easy profession. You need to have all the protection that you can get as it can save your life. In fact, the government of the United States and different organizations such as Occupational Safety and Health Administration are working hand in hand to provide safe working places for individuals working as electricians. Wearing the right clothes is important in this field as loose garments can get you entwined in moving machines. As an electrician, you should always wear a hard hat, safety led shoes, ear plugs and goggles. You must remove all unnecessary accessories such as rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces because gold and silver can conduct electricity.

The sole of your led shoes must be made of materials that are oil and grease resistant. As a safety precaution, electricians often wear rubber boots when going to wet locations. Short hair is much preferred in this job. However, if you have long hair then you can tie it up and make sure that you do not stand near enough any type of rotating machine. Always remember to remove the electrical power when you inspect or repair any equipment. Make sure to lock out and tag out the equipment because this can be harmful to you and to the people around you. These terms are very common for electricians. To review what these things mean: installing a lock is as good as disabling the power and to tag out is to put a danger tag on the source of electrical power. Putting a danger tag is also implying that the machine will not work until the tag is removed. You can see that the tag contains information like the employee’s name and craft.

The hazards that come with this profession require you to have the proper training and education. The program usually lasts for 4 to 5 years. The job of an electrician includes installing, connecting and monitoring electrical systems. They work for several industries such as technology, communications, health, climate and security. They also operate and maintain electric plant and machines for different companies. As an electrician, you can also work in construction sites or with the maintenance team. You have to install electric systems into houses, buildings and factories. While working with the maintenance team, you have to find ways on how you can improve the efficiency of the plant. Monitoring and repairing equipment is also a part of your job.

You will be given the tools that you need to work with machines and equipment. Some of the tools are screwdrivers, pliers, knives, drills, saws and conduit benders. And remember to always outfit yourself in the proper electrician uniform as a precaution from any mishaps. Some states in the US will require you to have a certificate and a license. But the process of licensing differs from state to state. Usually, you will be asked to work for about 40 hours a week. And sometimes, you would have to work on weekends and at night. Your shifts will vary depending on your area and work place. For example, electricians who work for factories are usually given three different shifts.

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