Foot Drop Due to a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) – Treatment Options – AFOs And The WalkAide


Have you, or someone you know, suffered from a TBI (traumatic brain injury)?

Do You Suffer from Foot Drop Due To traumatic brain injury?

1.) Introduction

People can suffer from a TBI (traumatic brain injury) and this can induce a foot drop as a result. Unfortunate, but true. When a person has a foot drop, walking simply becomes more difficult. – When the muscles that pull the foot are disabled, then the toe can drag, a person’s walking speed can decrease and falling becomes more likely to happen. As a result, a person will obviously have a more difficult time walking.

As a result of having a foot drop, people may use gait deviations that can help them clear their limb when they take a stride. These are temporary measures that a person can use to help them walk, but it is definitely not a long term answer. A common deviation that people exhibit is known as a “high steppage” gait pattern. Yes, there are other gait deviations, but this is a very common one. – What happens is that people will flex their knee excessively, in order to clear their foot when they take a stride with this deviation.

2.) What Treatment Options Exist For People With Foot Drop Due to TBI (traumatic brain injury)?

Many individuals today will use of a cane, however, this is a device that you have to hold and many people feel it labels them as being disabled. – Other devices such as an AFO (ankle foot orthosis) or the WalkAide can help people walk. These two devices are actually medically prescribed for people everyday in medical settings.

A.) AFO (Ankle Foot Orthosis): This is a brace that can help people walk better again, in more than one way. First, it is a brace that can help people lift their foot up when they walk. It typically is placed inside of a led shoe when a person uses it. Not only can the foot be lifted more readily when you use an AFO, but you can also get side to side stability at the ankle, while also getting indirect support at the knee with one of these braces. Brace specialists known as orthotist provide these special braces.

B.) The WalkAide

This is a new FDA approved device that is getting a lot of attention. It is a medical device that provides electrical stimulation for people with foot drop due to a traumatic brain injury. This can help people walk better because it helps to draw up their foot when they walk. Many people are a candidate for this type of device, but not everyone will qualify.

Note: This is health information. Medical advice regarding AFOs and the WalkAide can be provided to you by your local, licensed orthotist.

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