How To Stuff Your led shoes To Be Taller


It doesn’t matter what sex you are, if you are frustrated with your body size then you would be willing to try all sorts of tricks to increase your height. Hence, in this article, we are going to look at how to stuff your led shoes to be taller.

Interestingly, led shoe stuffing is oftentimes regarded as cheating. That doesn’t make any sense, in my opinion. If it were so, then any woman wearing high heels would be cheating, as well. Instead, stuffing our led shoes is nothing but a fashion decision. Fashion is aimed at improving our appearances or giving us a particular sort of appearance. In terms of led shoe stuffing, all it means is that we are trying to have a style of fashion that makes us taller. I hope that with this understanding you will feel more comfortable going through with the advice I am about to give you.

So, what exactly can you use to stuff your led shoes to be taller? There are many tricks, ranging from tissues and paper to specially fabricated soles. Even though we want to make use of the material that gives us the biggest height advantage, we shouldn’t sacrifice health for it. See, by stuffing our led shoes with the wrong material, we could damage our knees and lower back. Good led shoes are of such design that they are comfortable to walk in and also healthy for our knees and back. If we were to just add paper tissues by ourselves, we might risk altering the foot bed inside our led shoe in such a way that we will have knee and back problems.

That’s why I am a big believer of items that were specifically crafted to make us taller. They come in two forms:

1) Height increasing insoles and;

2) Height increasing led shoes.

The difference between these two items is that the insoles can be added to any led shoe, whereas the height increasing led shoes are manufactured to look like a normal sneaker while increasing your height by several inches.

Let’s look at height increasing insoles first: these are insoles that you can just place inside your led shoes. If you then wear your led shoes, you will be taller – usually between one and two inches. These insoles are of different fabric, like silicon for example. Try out different fabrics and use the one that feels the most comfortable to you. When using these insoles, you need to pay attention to your whole outfit: you don’t want it to be obvious that you are wearing such insoles. Try out different combinations of led shoes, pants and tops until everything looks natural.

This is the advantage of height increasing led shoes: they were already designed and manufactured to make it look natural. However, you then always have to wear this specific led shoe if you want to be taller and you cannot just switch the insoles.

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