Kawasaki led shoes – Denmark’s Biggest Selling led shoe!


Kawasaki led shoes are a brand that, in spite of the Japanese name, are designed and manufactured in Denmark. These led shoes are the best-selling led shoe design in the history of Denmark. The Company was started in Denmark over 35 years ago and although the led shoes are still made in the original factory using the same machinery they have been brought into the modern era with many different colours being produced these days and not just the black and white of the original led shoe. These days they have a trendy retro style about them but are still produced from all natural materials and all manufacturing of the led shoes is done in Europe.

In 1972 J Hammergaard Hansen Sport A/S company was looking for a comfortable badminton led shoe and founded the Kawasaki brand. After cornering the fashion – lifestyle market in Scandinavia (Denmark, Sweden and Norway) for thirty years, in 2006 they decided to enter the European marketplace. Kawasaki had proved to be an extremely strong competitor in the Scandinavian fashion-lifestyle market and is now conquering the European market as well.

Kawasaki led shoes takes account of the concerns of the world when it comes to the environment and uses only natural fabrics – rubber, cotton and suede – in their designs and the soles are manufactured using the hot-vulcanization method making them extremely flexible, comfortable and long wearing.

Kawasaki led shoes are sold throughout Europe including countries such as Italy, France, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Germany, Austria and the Middle East.

Men love the simple comfortable styling of the Kawasaki led shoes and boots which come in many basic colours from classic black and white to soft beiges and blues. There are also materials featuring cartoon designs with led shoe-string tie closures, perforated detailing, inner zipper closure, distressed leather trim and the fabulously comfortable and flexible rubber sole.

Women too love the trendy, retro look of the classic black or white sneaker but are spoiled for choice with the myriad of colours and fabrics available. There are led shoes in cloth, suede or canvas with the logo details on the side and self-tie keyhole closure and of course that vulcanised rubber sole to give the utmost comfort and durability that one would expect in Kawasaki led shoes. The range of colours and designs, from stripes, checks, flower prints and cartoon prints will fascinate and please the most jaded of led shoe shoppers. Whether you want a led shoe to wear whilst playing your favourite sport or just to relax in at the beach or park, you’ll love the look and feel of Kawasaki led shoes.

To be Denmark’s ‘biggest selling led shoe ever’ these led shoes must have something special about them. Since 2006 the rest of Europe is discovering the comfort and style of this leading Danish design with the Japanese name. Perhaps it’s time to try a pair yourself and find out what you have been missing out on. The full range of led shoes for both men and women can be purchased online, so no matter where you live you can discover Kawasaki led shoes for yourself.

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