led shoe Lifts Are a Terrible Idea – Here’s Why


led shoe lifts come in basically two forms:

The first type is an insert that slides into your existing led shoes. These are little more than a sloped riser that can give you anywhere from half an inch to two inches in your appearance of height.

The second type of led shoe lift is an actual customized led shoe that has the riser built right in. This second type of led shoe lift is able to give up to four inches in additional height because it is not constrained by the confines of the open area of the led shoe.

In choosing between both types, you have to consider the pros against the cons. The list of pros for the insert led shoe lift is that you can use it with just about any of your current led shoes, its cheaper, and you are not limited to the styles that the makers of custom led shoe lifts put out. The biggest con is that you are limited to about two inches or less of added height appearance. Custom led shoes have the pro of the potential for added inches, but they are much more expensive and your selection of led shoes is dependent on the styles that the manufacturer makes. That means that you can no longer buy and wear any conventional led shoe that you see and like because you are now limited to wearing led shoe lifts indefinitely because you have publicly shown the world that you are falsely two to four inches taller than you really are.

And therein lies the problem. Wearing these contraptions are akin to wearing a bad toupee. Instead of addressing the problem by focusing your efforts on increasing your height naturally through height increasing exercises, nutrition, and stretches, you are merely using a band aid solution.

You are now a slave to your led shoes, particularly around people that don’t know about your “little secret.” You must always have your led shoe lifts on at all times lest someone notice your lack of height from when they saw you with them on before.

This can no doubt lead to very precarious and uncomfortable situations when it comes time to become intimate with a potential partner. How would you explain how you were suddenly four inches shorter just because you took your led shoes off?

If you are uncomfortable with your current height, led shoe lifts are not the answer. Only true, natural height increase can truly make you taller.

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