Men Love Pretty Feet


Ladies, there are men who are totally obsessed with a womans feet. Unbelievably, there are women out there who do not have pretty feet. Some people forget that their feet need care just as much and sometimes even more than other parts of the body. There are those who suffer with issues such as bunions, corns, discolorations, their feet are dry and ashy, dead skin, and their feet are just plain not taken care of.

In the Eddie Murphy movie ‘Boomerang’, Eddie Murphy is looking for a woman who in addition to having the desired facial appeal, knows how to dress, has sex appeal and is attractive. He wants someone who has pretty feet. While in bed with his conquest, he pulls down the sheet from around her feet. He then checks to see what her feet look like. If there are problems, his interest in a relationship completely disappears.

Feet fetishes are not uncommon. There are men who watch a woman from the head to toe. If the woman’s feet are not polished and ‘sexy’, they move on to someone else. This type of Foot Fetish is more common than you would think.

Men will even compliment women on their feet. Think of it this way; thousands of women led shoes are sold daily. A vast majority of those led shoes are toeless styles. Sandals and footwear with the toe out are extremely popular during the summer, winter, especially spring and on into the fall.

Women purchase toe rings, toe jewelry, toe enhancers; they keep looking for other feet enhancers. Anything and everything is desired to improve the look feel and sexiness of the feet. The reason for this is not only for a woman’s own personal pleasure, she is also very aware of the attraction and temptation her feet are to the opposite sex.

There are men and women with foot fetishes that look at feet first. If the intended conquests feet do not look as they desire, they move on to anther individual. Feet can make or break a potential relationship.

Make sure, when you are dating and after marriage, keep your feet well manicured. Today, pedicures are a multi million-dollar business. Ladies in particular enjoy having their feet massaged, rubbed, oiled and even having their toes polished.

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