Introducing Light Up Shoes neonsneaker: The Hottest Urban Fashion Trend You’ve spent half an hour picking out the perfect clothes for your next rave. You’ve got the psychedelic hoodie, the rainbow-colored fluffies, and more kandi than you know what to do with. Now it’s time to pick out your shoes. But all you have is an ancient pair of sneakers! They’re boring to look at, do nothing for your outfit, and the tread is wearing down. You secretly hope that nobody will notice and pray these worn-out kicks aren’t going to ruin your look. It’s time to replace those dirty old neonsneaker shoes! And what does every raver need to light up the dance floor? Light up shoes! Light up shoes neonsneaker have yet to take the world by storm, but they are a swiftly rising trend. If you ask most people to conjure up a mental image of light up shoes, they probably flash back to a recollection of children’s footwear in the 90s. Light up shoes nowadays are way cooler than that. Thanks to LED technology, they are insanely bright, and the charge can last a good six hours. To top it off, LED lights last a really long time, so a single pair of shoes can shine bright for at least several years. Cultural trends are changing, and light up shoes are no longer just the province of children! Kids of course still love them, but adults do too. With a pair of light up sneakers, you can grab attention everywhere you go. Get them at