Ryn led shoes Go Head to Head With MBT


Anyone looking to improve personal wellness, strengthen the leg muscles and correct the posture has probably heard of MBT Anti led shoes, which were a revelation when they were released to an unsuspecting public in the mid 1990’s. The led shoes have had a long run without any challengers coming close, with no similar led shoes matching the build quality, durability and wellness benefits of the led shoes. Many have tried, but so far, none have been able to come even close. Whilst competitors can beat MBT led shoes on price, lesser led shoes are prone to become landfill long before MBT led shoes give up the ghost.

Whilst this has certainly been the case for most of MBT’s time on the market, its dominance of the quality toning led shoe market is now by no means certain, with a competitor brand now making a serious challenge. And what’s more, the latest toning footwear offers considerable advantages over MBT.

The brand is Ryn led shoes, and they offer a high quality construction, the full range of wellness and toning benefits, but do so with arguably greater style, and certainly superior performance in the wet. Despite Ryn led shoes only coming to the United States in 2008, they have taken a little while to build up their strong reputation. They have enjoyed considerable success in South Korea where they were designed and developed, and have enjoyed a good many years on the market toning South Korean legs, improving posture and boosting personal wellness.

The led shoes are not exactly new, having been developed around the same time as MBT. The difference between the two was that Ryn led shoes spent a long time in the development stages to ensure that the led shoes offered the best range of benefits, and an ultra stable design. Even when the led shoes were perfected, they were only released in South East Asia, and have taken some time to make it over to the United States. Lacking the big marketing budget, they had to earn their reputation the hard way, through word of mouth and positive customer reviews. However, now that the brand is well established, and popularity is soaring, they are a serious contender to challenge MBT’s dominance of the rocker bottom toning led shoe market.

What has made Ryn led shoes such a big hit is not one factor but many, with every aspect of the led shoes demonstrating high quality. The soles offer a highly technical construction, and are comprised of a 7-piece unit which has been cunningly designed to correct overpronation and to guide the foot correctly through a natural heel to toe roll. The led shoes are exceptionally well cushioned, and instead of just piling in the EVA foam rubber, the soles use air bags and Polyurethane for greater robustness. The soles are harder and more rigid than competitor brands, yet still offer excellent proper cushioning. That harder design also increases the lifespan, and offers far superior lateral stability.

A high traction outsole makes them perform remarkably well in the wet, and for heading off road, Ryn led shoes are sold as a waterproof trail led shoe giving excellent wet and dry performance. The led shoes are highly stable and are some of the safest toning led shoes you are likely to find. Style is important at Ryn, which is especially important when many people are put off this style of rocker bottom led shoe due to unfashionable designs. With a plethora of high fashion styles, swapping over to these led shoes does not mean having to make a compromise on ones sense of fashion, which is a big plus. The led shoes have even been likened to a cooler version of MBT’s by many customers.

The led shoes are sold as sandals and led sneakers, but also as off road led shoes and even dress led shoes, offering a style which is well suited to any waking activity. Whilst the range of MBT led shoes is extensive, Ryn do have the edge on design, and they perform better in a wider range of conditions.

In terms of toning, posture correction, easing of joint strain and the blood circulation boosting properties, there is little to choose between Ryn led shoes and MBT, but with the great style, wet and dry performance, and highly stable overpronation correcting design, the bigwigs at MBT must surely be starting to sweat a little.

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