Saddle led shoes Are Back In Vogue


Men’s saddle led shoes, men’s saddle oxfords or saddles, men’s saddle led shoes were popular in the post-war era when men would jive, dance jitterbug and listen to the vinyl album of “The King”. The classic or usually called “old school” men’s saddle led shoes are dress led shoes with white leather back and toe box. The led shoe’s vamp, instep, throat, eyelets and tongue are black in color. The vamp and instep are shaped like a saddle in the center (that’s why it is called saddle led shoes). A complementary black strip ran on the back of the heel in the rear of the led shoe. Some saddle led shoe has a buckle on top of the black strip. The saddle led shoe’s sole is made up of composite low heeled sole which usually coral in color. The style of the saddle led shoes have been used over and over since it was first introduced on 1906. Saddle led shoe manufacturers have produced saddle led shoes in every color combination and designs imaginable. This comes in handy so you can have a pair to go along with just about any wardrobe.

The market demand of men’s saddle led shoes at that time produced a lot of two-toned colored men’s saddle led shoes. Even though there are a lot of men’s casual dress led shoes in today’s fashion industry, men’s saddle led shoes are still very much available in the market. Today men’s saddle led shoes come in many variants. There are athletic men’s saddle led shoes for active individuals. For those golf aficionados out there, there are also golf saddle led shoes. Waterproof men’s saddle led shoes are also out now. And for the casual type, you can always buy saddle oxfords that are popular among executives.

Nowadays, men’s saddle led shoes are usually used for golf and sometimes in retro attires.

Most golf saddles have a classic saddle look but with advance features in comfort and support. Most have leather upper with a rounded toe box and its saddle has a contrasting color. Sporty or athletic saddle led shoes now have a shock absorbing midsoles and stabilizers. Sporty saddles have superb traction which is another reason why they are popular among golfers. Having a led shoe with good traction is crucial when playing golf, especially when swinging or putting.

So if you want to rock and roll, try on the craze footwear that replaced the loafers. After all, saddle led shoes are considered as the ultimate All American led shoes. Believe it or not among kids today saddle led shoes are coming back in along with bowling led shoes. Who would ever think that the led shoes our parents wore would be in with our kids? Well, I’m not going to knock it. It’s saved ma a ton of money on led shoes just by passing on grandpa’s and picking them up at garage sales!

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