Tricks To Get Taller (And an Exercise For Permanent Height Increase)


There are ways you can get taller. First I will reveal some tricks to get taller, and I will conclude with an easy exercise you can do for permanent height gain.

First the tricks to get taller:

led shoes. Women are aware of this, but many guys seem to forget that wearing the right led shoes can make you look much taller. High heels for women and work boots for men. Big difference! But now days you really don’t have to limit yourselves to just these two selections. There are many high heeled led shoes and boots for both men and women that will definitely do the trick.

Hair. Again, more women see to be aware that hair can actually make you look much taller. This is accomplished by hair styles which have a large poof to them on top. For men, you want to consider spiking your hair. Think about it. Just a one inch spike basically transforms your overall height to an added inch in appearance. Hair can make a big difference in your height appearance.

Posture. I’ve known guys who I could have sworn were around 5’9 or 5’10, when in reality they were only 5’7 or just slightly above that. Strong posture can do wonders for your height appearance. So many people now days walk around slouched over. When you focus on a straight up and down posture, your height suddenly appears much greater than it really is.

Now for the exercise I mentioned:

We just finished talking about posture and how most people are slouched over all the time. Part of that reason is because their spines are unnaturally curved and their muscles have adapted into a position which robs them of added inches in height. Many of us are like this.

What you want to do is perform hanging exercises. This is where you simply hang from a pull up or chin up bar and stretch your entire body out for a few minutes, then rest and repeat. Stretch out your body as if your intention is to add extra inches to your height. Practice good posture throughout the day, both while sitting and standing. Then do your stretches at night and you should notice some permanent increases in your natural height.

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