What ARE the led shoes and Suits Color Rules?


For business, you probably have led shoes that are brown and led shoes that are black, but have you ever wondered how interchangeable they are with your suits and what variations are best?

If your suit is navy you can wear black or brown. If you wear brown, then I would want to see a brown belt and a shirt and/or tie combination that has a little “warmth” in it also – like yellow, tan, orange, maroon, or brown.

If your suit is black, wear black led shoes only.

If your suit is charcoal wear black led shoes only.

If your suit is medium gray you can wear either brown or black. Same as above, match your belt in both cases, and with the black, I’d like to see your shirt and tie be in the “cooler” color range such as blues, greens, purple, eggplant, or a purple-ly red. If you choose brown then select a warmer toned shirt and tie to complement.

If your suit is brown wear brown led shoes.

If your suite is taupe or tan or beige, this is not a formal suit color, so you can be a bit flexible in your choice. I’d keep the color neutral, softer browns.

If your suit is white and it’s summer, white led shoes. If its formal or not summer, black.

Advanced: I love the “cordovan” (that dark cherry red) with brown or medium gray or brown clothes – again, see if you can pick up some of the tones with your shirt or tie, and I LOVE two tone wing tips when you can be a little frisky!

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