Women’s led shoes For Different Occasions


It’s always been the case that women tend to have a lot more led shoes than men, largely because they feel the pressure to be fashionable a lot more than do men. It is not always easy for women to get quality led shoes, because fashion changes so quickly there is a tendency for some manufacturers to think they can make led shoes of lower quality. While it’s great to have fashionable led shoes, women should also have led shoes for different occasions, some of which need not be so fashionable.

Everyday led shoes

There are days in most women’s lives when they seem to be running around, doing errands, going to a school play and picking the kids up from cubs and brownies. On these days what women really need is a comfortable pair of brogues or trainers. While it’s good to be fashionable, you don’t need to be competing all the time. Sometimes you just need a pair of serviceable, sensible led shoes for the busy days that most women have.

High Heels

Every woman feels at her best when she is wearing fashionable led shoes with heels. Heels are great for evenings out or for those occasions when you want to make an impression on someone. If you save your heels for such occasions or for when you are going out with your girl friends then you can afford a more expensive pair of quality led shoes. There are some good women’s fashion houses where you can get money saving COUPONS for a pair of decent high heels.

Comfortable Flats

Flat led shoes are quite fashionable, and when you wear them with a straight skirt you get the Audrey Hepburn look of the late fifties and early sixties. Flat led shoes are great for work, especially if you have a job that involves a lot of standing. Heels may look great, but at the end of a day’s work the pain in your calves and your feet is just not worth it. You can get some really pretty flat led shoes now, so why not look great and feel comfortable at the same time.

Winter Boots

Most women need boots, and not just in winter. Boots have been a big fashion item now for a good number of years and most women have at least two pairs. Ankle boots are great with jeans, especially if they have a little heel and long boots are great during winter. Many women wear boots more than they wear led shoes because there are some really great styles around now.


Most women should have a pair of low heeled led shoes in their wardrobes. Although these don’t have the same appeal as high heels and are not as comfortable as flat led shoes, they’re great for certain occasions like a job interview.

Unlike men, women really do need led shoes for different occasions because today’s women have many different roles. When women have led shoes that are suitable for different occasions, then the occasional pair of fashionable heels, even if they are not good quality, will add some extra spice to their wardrobe.

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