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Hero Protein

Hero Protein

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- Lights up in 7 different colors
- USB Rechargeable!
- Led Sneakers are waterproof and weather resistant
Free Delivery in 3 days and easy exchanges
Included: 1 pair Led Sneakers + 1  USB cable to recharge your shoes

  • "I'm leaner, more toned, sleeping better & HERO hits the spot at night when I used to reach for unhealthy snacks." - Lisa A.

    HERO Protein is a grass-fed, digestive enzyme containing, probiotic custard, shake, or smoothie - just add your favorite kind of milk & stir or shake!

    HERO is made with the finest Australian micellar casein protein. It's rich in calcium, key amino acids, and is proven to help fat loss, lean muscle gain, and sleep.  

    We recommend HERO to people who have improved their gut health to a point where they are capable of digesting dairy protein.

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